Back to business after summer holiday

After returning from summer holiday we are now ready for participating in very exiting customer cooperation’s in August. We really are looking forward to enter into partnerships with municipalities, health care organizations and private companies in order to fulfil our growth ambitions, and our mission to reduce loneliness and increase the quality of life of those of our fellow citizens who have difficulty in dealing with existing technology.

At the same time, we are close to entering into agreements with several investors, so that we can take on this major task of overseeing the future customer installations. We therefore send a big thank you to i.a. Keystones and other organizations that have made it possible to bring Videolink to the next level, and thus significantly increase growth.

As founder and director of Videolink ApS, I am very proud that we have now succeeded in growing Videolink. I therefore thank all employees, stakeholders and business partners who have made this possible. I don’t forget anyone on my path to success, so everyone who has contributed to our success will feel this at some point. Even if they are verbal agreements, no one will pass me by, no one will be forgotten. I am so proud that Videolink, after 3 years of hard work, now finally seems to be a success. I have always had the belief that it would probably succeed, and everything indicates that it will now happen.

It should be mentioned that it is not too late to join our growth journey. If you are an investor, or have free private liquid funds that you want to invest with a good future ROI (Return On Investment), NOW is the time to act. We expect to close our investment round with Keystones in August. However, it is NOT a requirement that you, as an investor, be a member of Keystones, but we already have a few soft commitments from members of Keystones, and our current investor would also like to be part of this investor round. Contact me directly on tel. +45 6053 0105 or by e-mail “”, or our contact form on our website here:

Continue to have a good summer to those of you who still have holidays. Follow our fantastic growth journey in Videolink via our news blog on our website, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

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