Breaking news: has achieved the award “2022 Digital Innovation Paradigm Award”

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We are extremely proud that Videolink just has received the “2022 Digital Innovation Paradigm Award“. The news just landed in our email inbox and we are about to investigate what this means for Videolink but it could be a game changer for our company (see the text from the e-mail below):


“STIF2022 3 rd International Tech Innovation Festival and DSC2022 International Digital Services Conference(DSC) is scheduled to be held in Shanghai on December 27th, with the theme: Digital Engines Build the Future.

Key Issues:

  • In this year’s Science and Technology Festival and Digital Service Conference event selection, after nomination and recommendation and consideration by the jury, your organization was awarded the 2022 DigitalInnovation Paradigm Award.
  • Participate in Opening Remarks.

We look forward to meeting you at STIF 2022 to draw a new picture of digital future.”

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