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World news: The Danish start-up company Videolink ApS, has invented a completely unique concept, which enables senior citizens (80+) to maintain contact with their relatives, regardless of the COIVD-19 crisis



Under COVID-19, many nursing home residents unfortunately do not have the opportunity to visit their relatives. It hurts body and soul, and has major consequences for the well-being and well-being of residents and relatives. FaceTime, Skype and others makes it possible to make video calls at a distance, but often requires both technical knowledge, sometimes a user account and a smartphone, tablets or PC, which many elderly (80+) citizens often do not have. In addition, the staff at the nursing homes, for example, are extra busy due to, among other things. COVID-19, and therefore limited resources to help residents, for example, to "FaceTime" for the relatives on, for example, an iPad. In addition, many elderly citizens suffer from reduced mobility, and here Videolink can also make a difference, in that the technology is built on "open source", and therefore can be integrated with eg rehabilitation apps, such as bla. ExorLive (with which Videolink has a collaboration), so that the elderly can do training exercises in large picture format on their own TV.



Videolink provides residents of i.a. nursing homes the opportunity, on their own, to communicate with their relatives on the big screen via their own TV in their home - just as it was on FaceTime or Skype, but completely out of use of key status, mouse or remote control, with the recipient of the video call . A small specially developed micro-computer, together with a small webcam, is connected to the resident's own TV, which then gives the resident the opportunity to receive video calls directly from their relatives. The relatives can, so to speak, "remotely" control the resident's TV via a smartphone, tablet or computer - just like on FaceTime. All video calls are encrypted, and of course security has the highest priority. Below is a picture of how the system works.


The people behind Videolink

We are three passionate people from Aarhus and Copenhagen who want to make a difference for everyone who has not grown up with modern technology. We want to include the older part of the population with their families. Our mission is to eliminate deprivation and minimize loneliness, including the elderly, thus increasing their quality of life. Our experience with the development of IT software and new products with the user in focus, combined with the knowledge we have about the conditions in the nursing homes, has led us to the idea of creating a completely unique advanced technology, which is also extremely simple to use. Thus, Videolink can help to increase the quality of life, for residents of i.a. nursing homes, nursing homes, etc. both during and after the COVID-19 crisis.



Contact me for further info, or for inquiries about possible Interviews.


Yours sincerely

Mads Søndergaard CEO,

Partner and Founder of Videolink


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