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It works as a kind of "FaceTime for the elderly" - just on TV. It requires no technical knowledge and is used completely without the use of a keyboard, remote control, mouse or the like.

What internet connection do you have?

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  GSM Dongle


Purchase of Installer

You set up, configure and test the equipment yourself to suit the TV. We are happy to help with this by phone (free of charge).
Our installer comes out with the Videolink equipment and sets it up, and adapts the equipment to the TV and tests it off, and does not go until everything works as it should. This option is especially recommended for those who choose our COAX solution, as it requires configuration of the TV itself so that it works with the Videolink equipment.

The most common are HDMI (digital TV, where you use a small TV box to receive the TV signal) or COAX antenna signal (round coaxial cable, used for cable TV and antenna signals

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Target group in general:

Age group can be +65, but most of our users are +80 years. They live in their own home, in a nursing home, in a home for the elderly, sheltered housing and more. We want to include older family members, thereby minimizing deprivation and loneliness in the older part of the population, who often describe themselves
as “technologically illiterate”. Elderly people may suffer from impaired functioning, dementia, motor difficulties, cognitive challenges or other illness. Videolink is a "High tech product for low tech people".

Target group dementia:

We find that users who have dementia or incipient dementia may have difficulty managing a tablet or iPad. It prevents this group from getting in touch with their relatives via modern communication solutions such as FaceTime, Skype etc. We experience an increased quality of life in people with dementia who use Videolink as a communication tool with their relatives, and they feel more included in the family.

How does the product contribute to the user's self-help ?:

Once the users of Videolink have become familiar with being able to hold a video conversation with their relatives, then they do not need outside help, such as. the staff of a nursing home or a home helper. This is possible because Videolink works fully automatically. Video link also does not require charging, and all support takes place online, without the involvement of the customer.

How does the product contribute to the user's quality of life ?:

We experience that both the users and the relatives get an increased quality of life when they use Videolink. Users who live in nursing homes suddenly feel that they are being included with their family, as they now have the opportunity, for example, to “go on holiday” (online) or see their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The relatives feel more secure, as they can now both see and hear that their elderly mother or father is doing well, by being able to visually ascertain this via Videolink.

If you do NOT have your own WIFI router in your home (we can not use public WIFI, such as a nursing home WIFI), then you must buy a GSM dongle.


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