Telerehabilitation with Videolink

Videolink is a kind of "FaceTime for the elderly" just on TV, but completely without the use of keyboard, remote control, mouse or the like at the recipient of the video call.


We are looking for OPI partners who can help develop and test Videolink within Telerehabilitation



Many older people (+80 years old) are very physically inactive, and we at Videolink would like to change that, by including and activating the elderly so that they get more movement in the body, and thereby increase blood circulation, so they avoid many lifestyle diseases, so such as arthritis, muscle wasting, dementia, disability, motor difficulties, falls, etc. Many of these senior citizens have difficulty dealing with modern technology, such as a smartphone, iPad or PC. That is why we have developed Videolink, which does not require help from eg the nursing staff, which are often scarce resources. Our mission is to build modern communication technology in an older friendly design. or other disease. Video link is "High tech for low tech people".



The solution is Videolink. The unique thing about Videolink is that it absolutely does not require any technological skills, as you do not need to use a keyboard, mouse or remote control to make a video link call. It all happens automatically by the ex. An instructor calls up to ex. 5 elderly citizens (who sit in front of their TV in each of their homes), who are registered for a telerehabilitation course. When the instructor clicks a function in Videolink's web app, all the recipients' TVs turn on completely automatically and the telerehabilitation process can begin. It is, so to speak, the caller who "remotely" controls the receivers' TV. When the instructor ends the TV training session, the TV either switches back to the same mode with the receiver (either flow TV, or switches off completely).


Value proposition

1) Simple installation. 2) Extremely user-friendly. 3) Video link does not require keyboard, mouse or remote control to receive a video link call. 4) Security: Video link a so-called Peer-to-Peer solution so that via a so-called "Family Room", you do not have to go over a server, so the security is top notch.


Facts: Status right now in relation to Telerehabilitation

1) Videolink version 1.0 is this week in UAt test and is expected to be installed with the first paying customers next week (week 33).

2) After this, we will be able to start an OPI development project with Aarhus Municipality in relation to having the function "one to many" completed, which will enable us to do Telerehabilitation with several Videolink users at once.

3) has requested 5 pcs. Video link to a new online concert concept (which is under development), which is also similar to the Telerahabilitation principle.

4) A few other municipalities have also expressed a desire for a Telerehabilitation function in Videolink, and are ready to enter into a dialogue with us.

5) Two batchelor students have written a project about Videolink and Telerehabilitering, and we will receive that report soon, and it could be part of an OPI collaboration with Aarhus Municipality.


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