Videolink research

We are working on several Videolink customer tests in different municipalities

Aabenraa Municipality:
1) Screen Visits to citizens during treatment.
2) Rehabilitation - both team and individual training sessions.
3) Coffee-calls-up for the elderly who do not have any relatives / friends (volunteers who call via Videolink).

Horsens Municipality:
Have received a set of Videolink in their showroom, and my contact person will present Videolink to your department next week, but seems very excited and will contact Åbenrå Municipality to hear their experiences (Åbenrå Municipality has just extended their test and ordered further a set of Videolink and are very excited about their test run).

Vejle municipality:
Anne Dunker (Welfare Technologist in Vejle Municipality) has expressed a desire to test the video link, but is awaiting a final decision on this, so we plan to start with them sometime after the summer holidays.

Skejby hospital:
Test via an inquiry from a chief physician at the patient hotel for dementia and other serious illnesses. Here, the intention is to set up Vidoelink in the single rooms of the patient hotel, so that the relatives can call their sick hospitalized elderly family members during their stay, which typically lasts 1 week. We are currently awaiting a description of needs, and subsequent approval by their IT department to start testing phase 2 (we have completed phase 1 and seen that it works on their TV). Right now we are waiting to go here from their IT department so that we can continue the test.

We were, just after the summer holidays 2020, contacted by the Danish Embassy in Paris for. to enter into a partnership with a large agent within “sensitive floors” (if a resident falls, the floor registers that there is a fall and the staff can come to his aid) to e.g. nursing homes and homes for the elderly, etc. The company is also large in healthcare and hospitals in France, and our perhaps future agent in the French market must now test Videolink at various nursing homes, where it is a whole nursing home (of about 85 residents on average), which will be offered Video link. The experiment has just started and the first results suggest really well. In addition, the agent has just presented Videolink at a major webinar in France, and the journalist who attended the meeting only mentioned Videolink (out of the approximately 10 participants in the webinar), so it's really exciting. See evt. attached article (in French - but you can use google translate). We have had an evaluation meeting with the agent this week and they will put us in touch with one of their major clients in the nursing home area (the agent is B2B) so they will extend the test with 10-20 sets of Video Links, so it is very promising (but unfortunately we can not deliver until we are in version 1.0). Furthermore, they were interested in integrating our product into their sensitive floors so that it could be extremely interesting and create a WIN WIN and a much closer collaboration than just an agent relationship.

We have also been contacted by Japanese organizations and investors (including JETRO and others), which we are now in the process of evaluating with regard to possible further dialogue. In addition, we have applied for participation in Fujitsu's accelerator program for startups.

BA project
Two students are completing a Bachelor project on Videolink, where they, among other things. must investigate and test whether the Videolink technology can support Telerehabilitation etc.

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