Videolink – Question & Answers

  1. How does Videolink work? A small Video link micro-computer and webcam are connected to the receiver’s TV, and it can, as it were, “remotely control” the recipient’s TV without having to do anything physical to receive a video call. The next of kin can then video-ring up to the recipient’s TV via a Videolink APP.
  2. How to buy/subscribe to Videolink? Videolink can be ordered through our online webshop on our website here: Once you have received the product with GLS, the equipment is connected to the video call receiver’s TV (se enclosed installations guide coming with the package).
  3. What can we use Videolink for? Videolink allows a relative to have video conversations with an elderly family member through the elderly person’s TV.
  4. What costs a Videolink subscription? The price is DKK 249 per month, and an extra DKK 49 for a GSM sim card dongle if the recipient of the video call does not have access to a WIFI router (in our experience that we most often cannot make use of public WIFI, such as a nursing home’s WIFI, so it requires its own WIFI router or the purchase of a GSM sim card dongle).
  5. Which TVs work for Videolink? There are three categories of TVs that either work or don’t work with Videolink:
  1. Full-compatible TV: Here, the TV will automatically return to the same mode (either in standby or flow TV or otherwise) as before the video conversation began when the video conversation ends.
  2. Semin-compatible TV: Here the TV will automatically turn off.
  3. Non-compatible TVs: Very old TVs may not work with Videolink, but this is something that our support examines BEFORE we send the equipment to the customer. 
  1. How to cancel a subscription? As a Videolink customer, you can cancel your subscription with current month + 30 days. Termination must be done via Customer Service on +45 7734 7055.
  2. What does it take for Videolink to working? See question number 5, it requires that the receiver’s TV is either categorized as Full-compatible (1) or semi-compatible (2). If you buy the GSM sim card dongle (because the recipient of the Video Call does not have a WIFI router), it requires that there is indoor coverage on the sim card at his or her residence address. See any tyre mapping cards here at our telecommunications provider: (remember to click on “Indoor coverage” when entering your address).
  3. Through Videolink, what information collects? We make uses of your personal data for several purposes, which are primarily for the purpose of fulfilling our contract with you. We mainly use your personal data in order to manage your subscription and provide you with the services you want. As the owner, you can ask for access to the personal data registered in relation to the subscription and the use of the services etc. covered by the subscription.
  4. Is there any age limit for subscribing to Videolink? Yes – you must be 18 years old to book a Videolink subscription.
  5. How long keeps the Videolink machine working? Videolink machine is to be considered a PC but can last for many years. Should there be any problems with your Videolink equipment, we will send a new equipment and you will return the old equipment, and of course without any costs for the customer.
  6. Is it safe to shop at Videolink? Yes – we comply with all laws on GDPR, personal data, terms etc. and we do not store any unnecessary data or video conversations etc.
  7. How do I contact Videolink? Contact us by e-mail  or  by phone no. +45 7734 7055.
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