Merry Christmas and a happy New Videolink Year 🧨🎆

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We sincerely thank all our customers and partners for a great 2023 and we are happy to inform you, that exiting news are to be expected coming up in 2024. We have been testing our new “accept-button” with great succes. Next upgrade of the Videolink code to version 3.0 will also be ready soon. We are now in the testing fase, but also great news here, as it seems that the code is very stable and reliable. Further, we are also about to test new hardware, a new and more powerful Videolink microcomputer. When testing is done, we are looking forward to do upgrade our existing Videolink customers and then this new Videolink microcomputer will be available in our webshop for new customers going forward. So all in all, very good and exciting Videolink news to come in 2024. More info will be announced when we are ready for scaling sales. If already now you would like to be the first to buy Videolink vers. 3.0, please contact us directly using our contact formular on our webside, in order to sign up on our waiting list.

We wish you all a Happy New Year – we look forward to continuing our collaboration in 2024.

Team Videolink

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