Preparing Videolink participation on the CIIE Expo in Shanghai, China

This week we have been working on preparing for our booth at the CIIE Expo in Shanghai, China. Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are not allowed to participate physically at the Expo, so we have recorded a video-presentation of Videolink for the Sustainable Health Forum which will take place at the Expo on November 7th. Beside this, an employee from the INNOVATION CENTRE DENMARK | SHANGHAI, ROYAL DANISH CONSULATE GENERAL, has translated our flyers and expo material into Chinese, so we are very grateful for the help we have received. We are very exiting to experience how our booth setup will look like and how it will be to participate remote with a booth on a Expo many thousands of kilometers away. We have never been doing this before so it will be a huge challenge for us but it will also be exactly in the spirit of Videolink to be communicating online on a distance. Tomorrow Saturday 5th 08.00 o’clock we will test the Videolink connection from the Expo in Shanghai to my place in Denmark. We are so excited and we are looking forward to meet the Chinese Expo visitors through Videolink so that we can explain how can help the elderly, vulnerable and diable citizens in China.

Her is a link to the latest news about the CIIE Expo incl. a short video presentation:

Link to Exhibitor List (Se photo below where Videolink also is listed):

Here is the link to our booth at the Expo:

Exhibitor List
Videolink Flyer in Chinese
Screenshot from the video presentation I am about to prepare for the CIIE Expo

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