Updates from the Videolink booth at the CIIE Expo in Shanghai, China

We have just received new updates and photos (se below) from our staff at our booth at the CIIE Expo in Shanghai. Yesterday, November 7th, we did participate with a recorded video-presentation of Videolink at the Sustainable Health Forum area. It was a huge succes and VIP members where also participating at the Forum.

We have received info from the booth staff, that there has been a lots of visitors at the Videolink booth, and they handed out a lot of our Videolink Flyers (which have been translated into Chinese). So we are very happy with the results and the exposure at the Expo until now. We hope to receive some small video clips from the booth area in the next coming days which we will share with you on a new post here on our website. The Expo will will last until Thursday November 10th.

We are very proud and excited to explain the Chinese Expo visitors about how Videolink can help the elderly, vulnerable and disable Chinese citizens to be included and to increase quality of life for the families in China.

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