Breaking news📺: Videolink is going to China – we have a booth at Expo CIIE, November 5th – 10th

The ROYAL DANISH CONSULATE GENERAL in Shanghai, China has invited to participate with a booth at the biggest Expo in China, CIIE ( Due to COVID-19 quarantine restrictions, our booth will be managed by Michael Xinghan Xiong, INNOVATION OFFICER, INNOVATION CENTRE DENMARK, SHANGHAI, THE ROYAL DANISH CONSULATE GENERAL. We were discovered through The ROYAL DANISH CONSULATE GENERAL who found us via the NAVA platform ( Videolink is one of four Danish startups participating in the Nordic Expo area. Team Videolink will participate “remotely” and Expo visitors will be able to join a video-call from China to Denmark by using our unique Videolink communication platform and ask us question about Videolink. We are surely exited for the first time ever to try this “remote expo participation” out and to inform the Chinese CIIE Expo visitor about our unique Danish Videolink niche communication solution to include the elderly, vulnerable and disabled people in order to reduce loneliness and increase quality of life for the Chinese people in general.

We will also participate in various entrepreneurial competitions, meeting VIP visitors etc. So it will be very exciting. Besides the showcasing booth during CIIE, we are also invited to participate at an forum during the CIIE, and the theme is Nordic Sustainable Healthcare, which will be held on the following date:

·         TIME: Nov.7th (Monday) 14:00-16:30 Beijing Time

·         LOCATION: CIIE (Innovation & Incubation Hall)

·         CHINESE GOV:  YANGPU District & CIIE Bureau

Videolink can be used for two main purposes:

  1. To include the elderly, vulnerable and disabled people with their families in order to reduce loneliness and increase quality of life.
  2. For the B2B and B2G customer we are working with tele-rehabilitation, tele-medico, online doctor consultations, screen visitation for municipalities etc. in order to save costs and increase care takers capacity by removing idle time for handling modern technology gap.

Videolink’s vision is to improve the quality of life for citizens and users by using new hands-free communication technology between a citizen and his family, friends, doctors, care staff etc. We deliver high tech to low tech people.

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