Videolink ApS has been invited to participate on a exclusive networking event with Canadian Eldercare Market Stakeholders in Copenhagen, November 3rd

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the shortfalls of eldercare in Canada. Yet, it has also created an opportunity for Canada to make better use of innovative technologies and funding models to ensure that older Canadians have access to the best care options available. From home & community care, to long-term care and specialized dementia care, experts, the public, and policymakers agree: Canadian eldercare must be modernized to meet current and future needs.

There significant Canadian interest in the Danish model of eldercare; it aligns with the public’s expressed desires and values. The Danish-Canadian Eldercare Platform (DCEP) was thus created by the Trade Council of Denmark to bridge opportunities for improvement in Canada and solutions from Denmark: it aims to facilitate knowledge exchange, commercial trade, and collaboration between stakeholders in Canada and Denmark.

As part of this cooloboration with DCEP, there has been organized a delegation to Denmark in November 2022 to expose Canadian industry stakeholders to technology solutions, physical infrastructure, and services to support healthy aging. Joining this event are 22 directors and/or CEOs from 9 organizations in two provinces (Ontario and Nova Scotia) that provide eldercare in community or facility settings. The main goal of the delegation will be to educate Canadian stakeholders about the Danish approach to eldercare and hopefully convert them into customers for the participating Danish companies.

In collaboration with Healthcare DENMARK, DCEP are hosting a networking event to provide selected Danish companies relationship-building opportunities with Canadian stakeholders. We are very proud that Videolink has been invited to this event due to that Videolink has been identified as a company with tremendous potential value in the Canadian market, so we have been invited to prepare a presentation for the Canadian delegation.

Kind regards on behalf of the Trade Council of Denmark in Canada and Healthcare DENMARK,


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